Bullfighting of Uwajima

The origin, a history, and present
There is oral communication that the fishermen of Fukuura rescued the Netherlands ship which was drifting about Uwakai about the origin of bullfighting in the second half of the 17th century, and two cows presented as the greeting started by having fought by chance, the angle of a cow is automatically compared in a field from a farmer building the strong Japanese beef for farming at the Kamakura period, and there is also an opinion of having made this into amusement.
If bullfighting carries out from it being the spontaneous thing to depend on the combative instinct of a cow, you should think that the origin started with introduction of the cow for farming.

In the document addressed to the deputy official from the county magistrate in 1856「Bullfighting is performed often recently and it has fought for the match.Therefore, selling and buying of a cow becomes a high price, and, also as for others, food expenses sometimes also start.Then, although a few is considered, if such a state continues for a long time, there are many these point difficulties.」It hears that are with so and so and performance-ized bullfighting was absorbing people.

Although prohibition or regulation of bullfighting was repeated at the Meiji and Taisho time, popular bullfighting heat was very prosperous, saw the golden age in early stages of Showa from the Taisho time, was called "Tsukiai" etc., and was familiar amusement for the citizen.
Although bullfighting was forbidden by GHQ for the reason of animal protection etc. in Showa 23, a petition is repeated from the bullfighting persons involved in Ehime, Oki, and Echigo etc., and, two years after, it was that a ban is removed.

Bullfighting revival rises and inauguration and the convention were resumed for the 'Uwajima bullfighting promotion committee' in Showa 34.
Uwajima-shi will complete an all-weather dome type bullring prior to the whole country in March, Showa 50.

Although bullfighting of Uwajima inclined to attenuation the second half of the Showa 50s by the shadow of a bullfighting raiser's reduction, the shortage of a successor, and domestic sight-seeing, depression, etc., the 'Uwajima sight-seeing bullfighting association' private sector initiative will be launched in Showa 60.
April 4, Heisei 5 and the national [ 2nd ] bullfighting convention were held for city system 70 anniversary commemoration and the national bullfighting convention on October 20, Heisei 3.