Bull sumo mini guide

【Convention participation and salary】

Even a grand champion sumo wrestler has rankings from an untitled sumo wrestler like man's sumo wrestling.
It cannot be bull sumo although it may say that in the case of sumo wrestling a grand champion sumo wrestler and an untitled sumo wrestler are pitched against each other, and an untitled sumo wrestler wins.
A grand champion sumo wrestler fights by the grand champion sumo wrestler, and Ozeki fights by Ozeki and the same ranking.
It does not become a match though a grand champion sumo wrestler and an untitled sumo wrestler are opposed temporarily.
Bull sumo is the world of the earnest without a got-up affair.。

Although based also on how to win and how to lose, once it participates, a rest term when participation is fixed next time will be kept, and if the severe way of losing is adopted, participation will be postponed over a long period of time.
It becomes impossible to use, when defeat is continued or the wound which cannot be recovered is received.
The noted cow purchased at the large sum of no less than 10 million yen cannot be used in an instant, and there may also be things.


Although there is also an opinion that bull sumo is cruel, instinct is just going to order fighting, it only participates in a year several times, and it lives leisurely usually.
And since it can live long as long as it fights well, it can be said that it is blessed as a cow.


Although a prize appears in sumo wrestling, the fight money called "Kyukin" is provided in bull sumo.
Although the amount of money is various, Uwajima is comparatively cheap, and it is mostly paid to the cow of the direction in which it moreover lost by the area.
It is decided that they will be 40 percent of winners and 60 percent of losers.
There is a meaning of the comfort to the owner of the direction who lost this, and it is the tradition of a Uwajima no one but.


It nestles up to a cow, a cow is manipulated, and the thing of the person who leads to a victory is called Seko.
For Seko's form, it differs in various places and it is Oki to have no one person and shift with one cow.
in Niigata, a match is not attached but it is made a draw, and since bull sumo is a divine work in this district and the draw of this reason is a premise but, Seko can take lessons from one cow simultaneously to 13 persons, and the offense and defense of the human opposite cow at the time of dividing a cow see him, and he becomes a thing


It is Uwajima, Tokunoshima, and Okinawa that Seko takes the place of one cow one after another on the principle of Seko 1 person.
Seko is indispensable to bull sumo and is the "instigator" of danger and next door to each other.

【Breeding and training】

Now, a cow is not employed in farming.
If a cow removes a dairy cow, it is edible.
Although the cow for bull sumo is also the same Japanese beef, it can be called the elite in a cow by the bull which is not castrated.
It is applied to a sieve in the stage of choosing a child's cow, and grows up to be a strong cow by daily training further.

It is made to walk and the body is trained every day.
If it takes to the slope of the mountain which the ground exposed in the middle of walk movement, a cow will poke a slope on a square.
It is muscular power training of a head and the shoulder, and is also training of work, such as receive return of how to use an angle, and a head and the shoulder.


Feed is also important and a proper quantity is given to the basis of careful cautions.
The special foods which each raiser devised are given before participation.
Before several days, since its diet is made to reduce, and it does not take out from a cowhouse but the fight heart is aroused by this, a fresh egg, Mamushi alcohol, white distilled liquor and green tea, beer, and special juice are given, and may be excited immediately before.


The customs of making it fighting without HANAZUNA from the beginning are Niigata and Uwajima.
It is Tokunoshima and Okinawa to choose the time the tune came out at one's own discretion, and to cut HANAZUNA.
It is told that the exceptional method of having attached HANAZUNA to the last is Oki, and is the vestiges of the dangerous prevention measure at the time of looking-obtaining in Gotoba Joko.

【Reform of an angle etc.】

The angle which is the arms of bull sumo.
In Oki, from ancient times, more, the device which raises offensive strength to the hole made at the tip of an angle from the time of a small cow by bending wire to through and an inner side is performed, and suppose that it is still natural in Niigata on condition of a draw.
Although the angles of a cow differ with each cow and it is referred to as "Takechin", "Noke", "Marumage", and "Kago" with the form in the Uwajima district even if it adds a hand, the form of an angle also changes by demand of the owner of every place.


Moreover, although the cow which a cow large-sized-izes by improvement in fattening technology every year, and exceeds 1t became not new and the Uwajima city-owned bullring extended the sumo ring diameter to 20m from 16m in Heisei 3, even if it makes it an angle and it makes it the body, a change remarkable in recent years is shown.

【Age of a cow 】

Age is counted for a tooth.
There is a front tooth only in a lower jaw part to a cow, and till 2 years-old time, eight milk teeth are complete and it escapes from two at a time with age.

【The name of a raiser and a cow 】

A raiser's (owner) occupation is as various as a fishing, fishery culture business, the construction industry, transportation business, eating-and-drinking business, the office worker, etc. as well as agriculture or the stock raising industry.
Bull sumo breeding is the hobby (hobby) of a deficit premise, and the person who has bred directly himself, the person who has deposited, and all are the worlds which are not realized if bull sumo is not loved.


Owner's family name is named in many cases as it is at the name of a cow.